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Vellore Institute of Technology MCA Entrance Exam Syllabus

Vellore Institute of Technology MCA Entrance Exam Syllabus

Sentence Correction, Comprehension
Logical Reasoning
Algebra sets, relations and functions, Summation of series, Progressions (Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic), Partial fractions, complex numbers, logarithms.
Differential and Integral Calculus
Limit-Continuity-Differentiability, Successive differentiation, Leibniz theorem (definition and applications), Mean Value Theorems (Role’s and Lagrange’s definitions only), Maxima and Minima, Indefinite and definite integrals, Trapezoidal, Simpson’s rules of integration, Partial differentiation.
Mean, median, mode, moments, mean deviation, standard deviation. Moments, correlation and regression.
Probability, conditional probability, Baye’s theorem, Binomial, Poisson, normal distributions.
Coordinate Geometry
Distance between two points, section formulae, collinear points, centroid. Translation and rotation of coordinates, plane, perpendicular and parallel conditions, Straight-line (slope, slope-intercept form , intercept form, normal form), parallel lines; perpendicular lines; intersection of two lines; Angle between two lines, line passing through intersection of two lines, foot of perpendicular, circle given center and radius, circle passing through extremities of a diameter, circle passing through three points, great circle.

VITMEE Exam Pattern

It is essential for candidates to understand the VITMEE 2019 exam pattern. A clear knowledge of examination pattern eliminates several doubts from candidates’ mind persisting to exam. Exam pattern creates awareness regarding type of question, number of questions, mode of examination, language in which questions will be asked, duration of exam, marking scheme and number of sections in exam, along with their weightage. Following is the exam pattern of VITMEE 2019 :

• The annual entrance examination will comprise of only objective type questions.
• Exam will be conducted via online mode only, i.e. it will be Computer Based Test (CBT).
• Candidates will be required to answer a total of 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs).
• Examination will divided into two sections – one will consist 80 questions from selected subject and other will entail 20 questions from English communication.
• Questions will be asked only in English Language.
• Duration of exam will be two hours.
• Candidates will be awarded 1 mark for ach correct answer, implying that the a maximum of 100 marks can be secured in VITMEE 2019.
• There will be no negative marking for incorrect or unanswered question.